The world we live in today can leave us feeling over-scheduled, disconnected and unsure of what we really want in life. Feelings of anxiety, discontent and confusion can sometimes overwhelm us and greatly impact our ability to enjoy life and show up the way we want to in our relationships and at work. Therapy can be an incredibly meaningful way to reconnect with ourselves, examine the places where we feel stuck and learn how to make real changes, both in our perspective and in the way we are living our lives. I work closely with my clients to challenge the things that aren't working and help them begin to build a life they love.

Some of the issues I most enjoy working with include:

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma Recovery - PTSD & Attachment Trauma

  • Relationship Issues & Dating

  • Career Transitions & Work/Life Therapy

  • Sex & Love Addiction

My approach is warm, but always direct and honest. I am an integrative therapist with a relational and attachment-focused approach. I will work collaboratively with you to determine the ways of working that are the best fit for you and the issues you are facing. EMDR, Mindfulness-Based CBT and The Trauma Resiliency Model are some of the techniques in which I am trained and often integrate into my practice.

Katie Corrigan, LMFT

Katie Corrigan, LMFT

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